Italian vegan

I can't stand seitan. Neither tofu. Not to mention tempeh... 
It is true that with patience, commitment and creativity, you can use these foods giving life to tasty dishes ... but my palate is much more "rustic", it iloves simple ingredients and flavors.
I believed that this could be my "condemnation", as a vegan, but I later discovered that you can live and eat very well without tofu & co.
And above all I discovered that Mediterranean cuisine, the Italian one in particular, is full of nutritious and tasty vegan recipes. Some examples? Pasta and chickpeas, rice and lentils, radicchi and beans, broad bean purée with chicory, orecchiette with turnip tops, caponata, risotto with vegetables, and so on... The only "problem": sweets. It's hard to find around cakes that are vegan and good at the same time.
So my culinary "adventure" started from there, from researching and processing recipes that can give vegans the joy of tasting a dessert as it should be. And then, inevitably, I bacema passionate about vegan cuisine in general (Italian but not only).
I liked it so much that I decided to open this blog, with the aim to share my experiences in the kitchen, to compare with those who made my choice of food - for one reason or another - and with those who made others, or has not really chosen, but considers vegan cuisine unattractive. In order to tell him: taste before spaking!